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Thursday, August 26, 2010


So I found myself happily busy over the summer doing Dare, however about half way through I smuggled home one of the Intuos 4 Tablets we were given (I gave it back before I left) and began drawing a caricature. So yeah, it has been a while since now since I started but I finally managed to finish it. Here's a picture of Myself, Mark Stokes and Claire Meehan. The trio who were put together to work on a Mark's short animation "Two Dogs" in our first year of ADA. I couldn't imagine how the year would have gone had I been on one of the other two teams and I'll happily attribute the majority good times through the year to these two dopes. So here is my gift to them.

You best be clicking it

Cheers guys, I really mean it. Let's kick ass in 2nd year!

Kev Ryan

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