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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Merry...St Stephen's Day.

Curses, I was to actually post something up on Christmas Day (It's now 1 am as I'm typing this) but I was just so wrecked from the amount of food my Mam cooks. Ryan family Christmas dinners are just so much more then what I generally need to eat in my day to day life. Factor in a bit of alcohol and Christmas movies on telly and you're looking at a paralyzed Kev Ryan.
Nevertheless, I figured I'd post something up, so here's a render of Max*, the main character from the short film I'm currently working on for my graduate year. Naturally, so much is liable to change but sure I just thought I'd put up a quick render.

Also, I was looking through my photobucket account, and found a slide from the pitch for this short film that has what could be my first and final logo for the title text.

Either way, hope you had as Merry a Christmas as I did and are looking forward to 2011 as I am.

Kev Ryan

*Yep, his name is so unimportant I just took the name of the program I'm using to make the film. Handy like!

Sunday, December 19, 2010


So my brother plays in a band called CUBE with two other awesome people. So I decided to draw a picture for them. Sometimes the execution for a possible caricature of somebody will come into my head and I'll just have to do it, regardless if they have asked or not. This is one of those situations.

Check them out and if you're in Dublin, go see them live!
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Kev Ryan

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Bit of a Tidy up.

Just a quick update. I'm working away on a new short film for college which naturally has put everything else on hold. Aside form this, while I was looking other Blogger pages I noticed they had nice little navigation bars at the top. So I endeavored to put one up, thinking it was a really awkward process. Although it was only due to my own stupidity that I didn't realise it's actually a fairly easy feature to implement that was right in my face that I just had not bothered to explore. So in future I'm hoping to add a gallery page with all of my stuff up there in the navbar, so a would be viewer of this blog wont have to go through heaps of posts and my own ramblings.

Either way, hopefully I'll get updating this in the meantime with something, if not, then it just means I'm working.