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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

In this post you'll find images of all the props and gadgets used in Peripheral along with the textures used for their materials. I really did have to make a lot of stuff for this darn film.

Right so, that's everything uploaded for the time being. There is more I could upload but for the time being this'll do.


Kev Ryan
Next I have two more tall images, the first detailing the progression and changes to the main character of my film, Max, as he adds more and more electronic gadgets to himself, before transferring his mind to a completely new robot body.

The progression of the main character Max throughout the film

And now for the many MANY textures I used to make Max, the pieces he attaches to himself and his robotic form.

More to come

Kev Ryan

Monday, May 16, 2011

So as of today I'm officially finished college and have recently finished my film for the end of year. With any luck now it'll be screened at the end of year show on Wednesday the 25th. To sum up ADA was a fantastic course filled with very talented, very nice and very funny people who I'm happy to have had in my life for the last two years. I wish them all the best of luck and hope that we do stay in touch.

Nevertheless, this is the first in a few posts detailing the work that went into my short film, Peripheral. I'm really proud with the final film despite having to trim some of the ending off it. It's the third short film I've worked on I learned a heap of stuff making it. I can't post it online for a while but I can post the making of without incident.

So first of all I have two very tall images that show a comparison between the storyboards or slides for my film's animatic and the corresponding final shots.

Plenty of things were worked out quite early and remained in the final product

In hindsight I probably spent too long on these storyboards but I feel they turned out well and definitly gave people an impression of how I wanted the film to turn out.
Although I feel they were much better then and clearer then the original thumbnail sketches. Which you can see below. These were scanned back before the updated boards as you can see from the note om the final page.
Before these boards were realised I had made a very simple trimmed down version of my film which was presented for the original film pitch. Before the idea was fleshed out and fully realised. Have a look below.

More to follow.

Kev Ryan