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Saturday, May 31, 2014


So I decided to create a birthday present for a friend of mine who, like myself, is a big fan of fierce electro-house music. We had a surprise party for him and had to tell him that we had other plans for most of the week leading up to it. I produced the music (under my stage name DoomsDay:Device) with Ableton and used the audio to drive animation within After Effects to attempt to create the style of video that tends to accompany Dance music on Youtube.

DD:DV - Sturmgeschutz from KevRyan on Vimeo.

Kev Ryan

Friday, February 14, 2014

Cheeky (explicit)

Thought I'd have a go of making another card in a similar fashion to the St. Patrick's Day card I made last year. The idea started very simple and then got complicated, and quite cheeky. The reason it did was I was making more educational motion graphic animations in January and wanted to make something a bit more fun. I also wrote the music on this one as well, something I need to do more of.

Cheeky from KevRyan on Vimeo.

Also it's nice to be able to make stuff that's a bit rude and cheeky. It got a great reaction from everybody I sent it to, more so then any of my more universal works.


Kev Ryan

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Bentley the Bull Mastiff

My brother and his wife breed Bull Mastiffs. The dogs are just beautiful animals and I was asked to do a portrait of one of their bigger lads. Bentley.

Made with Zbrush.

Eye Material by Zbro
Wallpaper texture by

Sunday, January 26, 2014

His Master's Voice

Wanted to have a go of Modelling a Gramophone Record Player. I just love the look of these things, far cooler then the combination of speaker, aux cable and mp3 player that seems to be the norm.



Wednesday, December 25, 2013

December - Electromatic Santa

So we end on December with a render of a Gretsch Electromatic Bass that I had started earlier in the year but had left neglected in a folder on my PC. There are so many projects like this that need to be finished!

Also to close off the year I decided to make another card to send around to my friends and studios. It was to be a full 2D animation at one point but I opted for a 3D character instead.

Merry Christmas


Thursday, October 31, 2013

October - Kinopolis again!

In October I was still working on Newsbag but was also asked to make another promo for the 8th Kinopolis film festival. I like doing these promos because I tend to get given a poster with some sort of theme and palette already established and it's up to myself to create a whole bunch of motion graphics to fit into the overall aesthetic. I've done 3 now so far and they style and animation in them is completely different, which makes for a broad range of skills on display.



Sunday, September 15, 2013

September - New Showreel, New Job, and a Yeti.

So in September I went about fixing up my 2013 showreel. I started it as some point in April but I swapped out and added in some more stuff. I hadn't made one since 2010. I'm glad to say I've improved a lot since then but sure for old times sake here it is.

BEHOLD, the naïveté

And here's the new one, which I've updated again over the last few months to swap out some stuff.

Kev Ryan - Showreel 2013
from KevRyan on Vimeo.

Following this Irish Sketch Society ran a week where the topic was mythological creatures, for which I made a Zbrush sculpt of a yeti.

Then the month took an odd turn where I managed to get work on a show called NewsBag, Ireland's first animation for an adult audience. The show was created by Irish Film maker called Gerard Barrett and directed by Maurice Joyce. I did some compositing work with After Effects for 6 weeks since I was coming in at the end of production. Would be delighted to do more of this sort of thing!



Tuesday, August 6, 2013

August - Oh Heck!

August saw me return to using Zbrush for a bit of fan-art and a self portrait. The Irish Sketch society ran an Earthworm Jim theme to which I made an image of my favourite villain from the series! Evil the Cat!

Then, a random experiment with Zbrush lead me to making a self portrait of myself. Which has been described as terrifying by only my closest friends.



Wednesday, July 17, 2013

July - Overly Complicated

So after seemingly a 3 month gap where I was working on a music video (which I'm still waiting to show off), doing some freelance work, working in an awesome VFX studio making educational motion graphic videos (which I also can't show off), and some random 3D models, I re-watched the short-lived animated series, Megas XLR. A fantastic and funny show about a lazy geek who has the good fortune of getting himself a giant robot from the future. What's not to love?

There was a particular scene in one of the episodes where an Alien Gun-ship activates a big lazer which takes about 20 seconds to extent and assemble itself in an overly complicated fashion. I always loved this joke whenever I saw it in a show and wanted to give it a go myself.

Complicated. from KevRyan on Vimeo.



Sunday, March 17, 2013

March - A month to have cans in...

This month, I went and made an animated loop of an army of Tuborg cans, simply as another test of Blender's cycles engine and a silly joke that went a bit too far.

I then had the idea of taking this animation, adding a remix I made of an Irish Jig from Final Fantasy VIII and sending it to a bunch of studios and friends as a St. Patrick's Day card.

I really enjoy syncing up animation with music, makes for a fun project. They take that bit longer then a single illustrations but they're so worth it.