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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

July - Overly Complicated

So after seemingly a 3 month gap where I was working on a music video (which I'm still waiting to show off), doing some freelance work, working in an awesome VFX studio making educational motion graphic videos (which I also can't show off), and some random 3D models, I re-watched the short-lived animated series, Megas XLR. A fantastic and funny show about a lazy geek who has the good fortune of getting himself a giant robot from the future. What's not to love?

There was a particular scene in one of the episodes where an Alien Gun-ship activates a big lazer which takes about 20 seconds to extent and assemble itself in an overly complicated fashion. I always loved this joke whenever I saw it in a show and wanted to give it a go myself.

Complicated. from KevRyan on Vimeo.



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