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Sunday, September 15, 2013

September - New Showreel, New Job, and a Yeti.

So in September I went about fixing up my 2013 showreel. I started it as some point in April but I swapped out and added in some more stuff. I hadn't made one since 2010. I'm glad to say I've improved a lot since then but sure for old times sake here it is.

BEHOLD, the naïveté

And here's the new one, which I've updated again over the last few months to swap out some stuff.

Kev Ryan - Showreel 2013
from KevRyan on Vimeo.

Following this Irish Sketch Society ran a week where the topic was mythological creatures, for which I made a Zbrush sculpt of a yeti.

Then the month took an odd turn where I managed to get work on a show called NewsBag, Ireland's first animation for an adult audience. The show was created by Irish Film maker called Gerard Barrett and directed by Maurice Joyce. I did some compositing work with After Effects for 6 weeks since I was coming in at the end of production. Would be delighted to do more of this sort of thing!



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