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Friday, August 20, 2010

Dare 2010 Part 1

So I'm back in Ireland now after probably the most awesome experience of my life. 9 weeks living in Dundee making a game and another week showing it off to the public. The whole experience thought me so much about myself, the industry and working under the conditions one would expect when making games. The rest of the teams were awesome people and every winning team really deserved their prizes.

Nevertheless, I've got the task now of uploading all of what I've done for dare onto this, starting with this first post with the menu icons that I made.

If you click the slideshow you can see the images in much bigger detail and scroll at your own pace.

Or you could click this and see them all in one huge image.
Each of these were textured onto a large tablet like object with words above them signifying the option the player was picking. Also, our game, being a football game controlled with a wii-mote strapped to the players foot, had the player kicking a ball at these tablets to pick the option they wanted. Which was pretty cool to be sure.


*I'm still deciding what I want to sign these things off as, I'm trying to phase out my old name Kryvin, which meant making new accounts for almost everything, sadly I couldn't get KevRyan for everything.

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