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Monday, August 23, 2010

His name is Robert Paulson (Discretion Advised)

So I'm working on an image that has been sitting unfinished in a "pending projects" folder. I had an urge to watch Fight Club and with no rush to finish the picture, figured I could put it on my second monitor while I painted on my first. I got through about 5 minutes of the film and a piece of dialogue put an image in my head. I figured I could sketch it and ink it fairly quickly. However while I'm now able to draw from scratch with my PenTablet, as opposed to sketching and scanning, I'm still not quick at it yet. So it took a little longer then...fairly quickly. Nevertheless, the image is below, there's two versions, both are a little disgraceful...

I guess it's fairly easy to work out in which scene the inspiration struck.

So this would be my first image, of many, done completely with my PenTablet, which is a bit annoying as I have a caricature on my laptop which is about 3/4 of the way done. It would have made a much better debut but sure I'm happy with how this picture turned out.

Kev Ryan

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