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Monday, September 13, 2010

Pizza Sambo

Bit of an explanation required here. Short version, a mock-up of a logo born from dinner time silliness and that hypothetical company conversation college students have.

Pizza Sambo

So basically when I was younger I went through a phase where whenever I had a what my parents called Salad*, a fry-up or anything else that we had bread or rolls with, I would make a sandwich of everything in the meal. Now of course this was fair enough with the fry-ups as it was just pretty much having a breakfast roll. But every time we had Pizza, I would rediscover the most amazing concoction ever. Simply, a slice of Pizza, in-between two slices of buttered bread. A Pizza Sandwich. Nobody could understand my apparent madness, but I was onto something. Either way, I always joked that I would use Pizza Sandwich/Sambo as a company/website name, and when 3 of us** in college had a "we should totally start our own animation company" conversation, I had an idea for the logo above.

Kev Ryan

*They call it a salad, and that's fair enough in that we would have a whole heap of vegetables. However along with this we would have always Pizza and chips along with just tucking into the packets of sliced ham and cheese. However since I don't eat many vegetables, "Salad" just meant Pizza, chips and whatever else for dinner...which of course meant EPIC PIZZA-CHIP SAMBOS!

**The 3 in question can be seen in the caricature in my last post. Also, as I was working on it, the file-name for that image was PizzaSambo.psd

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