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Thursday, September 23, 2010

I guess we're not model material

I have a story to tell. This day 2 weeks ago a friend invited me and a few others to the opening of a new bar called "Number 6" in Smithfield. We were all dressed up and looking the business for the night having free drink, free food and a good time in what turned out to be a pretty awesome place.
Early into the night a photographer approached the group and asked if he could take a photo of us. We had no problem with this and we all followed him outside, with 2 particular people leading the group. When we got outside he took these 2 aside and set them up for a photo, leaving 4 of us out. As a joke I asked "So I suppose us dregs* will stay out of this one yeah?" to which he fairly coldly said "Yep" and proceeded to take some - probably fairly nice - photos. He assured us we'd be in "the next one" but he seemed to avoid us for the rest of the time he was there.
Now don't get me wrong, we didn't feel bad about this at all, in fact we joked about it for a good while after and have told the story to others since. However I felt I needed to illustrate the situation. As the image, and my own take on it. Were just too damn funny in my head.

Click, zoom and scroll from left to right.

Incidentally, feels like this picture has been cursed, so many hurdles and program mess-ups hindering progress on it. Should've been finished last weekend! Furthermore, making images 15000 pixels wide is...awkward.

Kev Ryan

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