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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Culture: Response

So once again, at the start of a year of ADA, our course co-ordinator, and all-round fantastic individual Gareth Lee, set us a task. To go to something cultural and create a visual response. See my District 9 animation for last years response.
Prior to the task being set I met up in Dublin with the Two Dogs Team to see our friend's band play. I found out during the day that they were to play an outdoor gig, that "Reclaim the Streets" was on and that the band was playing as part of this. We all then found out that the outdoor venue had been changed to Central Bank and that the Irish Socialist Party had arranged the gig. During the gig a funny incident occurred when myself and Mark agreed to give somebody a hand unravelling a large banner. We were then left holding this banner when somebody photographed us for some unknown publication. This was my recollection of that incident, which was what to be my response to the "Cultural Event".
Click to see the full image


This is what I presented to the class, however it turned out that I had it wrong. It was not myself and Mark who were holding the banner, rather it was me and Claire. Mark was standing beside us thinking he got away without having to hold anything, when he was just handed a sign and told to "HOLD THAT" by a stern socialist. The picture below is a more accurate representation of the incident.
Again, click to see the full image


All and all, it was a fun day and we joked about the incident for sometime after. Hypothetically wondering what our parents would think seeing us as the faces of Irish Socialism. A fun image to draw and subsequently fix.

Hope you enjoy it.

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