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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Ben Has a Hitlist.

So bitta backstory, another caricature picture. I had a few friends over one night for a few beers when one of the lads, Ben, started looking through my old sketchbook. So I got some fairly nice and supportive reviews of my work when he asks if I would ever draw a picture of himself. At this point I let him know that I actually had an image in mind, which I thought would have looked hilarious, that I was planning on drawing when I had some free time. To which he essentially replied "no, don't make me look stupid or something, just draw me normally". So I did, the only thing is he recently started playing guitar with these guys so I took the opportunity to draw a new picture of the band while keeping Ben's previous brief in mind-ish.

I'm really happy with how this picture turned out. Although I'm getting a bit concerned at the amount of 2D stuff I have up here. To that end I'm thinking that the college year, and working on this film should force me to get some nice 3D stuff up. Along with that I've started messing with Sculptris today and I'm thinking of doing some sort of daily sculpting with that as well.
I'll see how that goes.

Kev Ryan

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