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Wednesday, October 14, 2009


I probably should have posted this as part of my 4 part "getting started" thing from last week. Seeing as I feel that this is a taste of the work that will be showing up in this blog in future.

So, I started this film sometime around May and worked on it on and off for about 3 months over the summer as opposed to getting a proper job. My reasoning for it was that I managed to get into an animation degree course, but had no idea why. So I figured I'd just wing it, get a heap of tutorials and make an animation or 2 before I start this course.
I did a tutorial on "How to model and animate a Pinbox" on 3d, which lead to what must have been a big train of thought, culminating with the idea for a film that "shouldn't be too long or take too long". Sadly both of these guidelines were neglected, which was a clear lesson as to why just winging it can be a bad idea.

Below you will find some storyboards which were put together when winging it wasn't working. As you can see, I have names for all the scenes, and I messed up the numbers on these about half way through. Oh dear.


Talk to ya.
Kevin Ryan

Friday, October 2, 2009

So here we go - Part 4 - Clint the Idiot

Nicely tying in with the previous post. Saturday the 19th. a week after Dano's 21st, was the party for my older brother's birthday. When I showed him my Fight Club Picture he said he really liked the style of it. So I decided to go with a similar style in a picture for his birthday. Using Photoshop instead of Illustrator however to achieve the result.

When I finished the picture for him, there were many little things I knew I could do to improve it. I just didn't have the time to do before his party.
It didn't matter as they still loved it, however I still had to make those tweaks before I put it online. Below you will see the proper final version.

Now to re-print this and replace the old version he has up on his wall!

The picture was drawn by hand, scanned and painted over in Photoshop, From big eejit acting the....eejit and going clockwise, the picture contains, Clint, Stevie, Maddie, Douglas(The Bearded Dragon) and Lucy.

Below you will find the the patio which was distorted and warped to the right shape in the picture, a small slip of brick that's distorted to fit in beside the door, and the original sketch. The original picture of the patio was 2480 x 9000, my poor pc had an awful time coping with it.

Kevin Ryan

Thursday, October 1, 2009

So here we go - Part 3 - Dano the majestic

Right, bit of back story to this. I have always wanted to learn to digital paint properly. Like I've coloured behind line-art before, then hidden the line-art layer and thought, with a bit more time and effort, you wouldn't even need the line art at all. Though I had never actually got the finger out and tried doing a digital painting from scratch. Then it turned out that I was heading to my mate Dano's 21st, leading me to think that it would be a great idea to set a challenge to digitally paint a portrait of him for his birthday. Below is the result.

I framed the finished picture and gave it to himself at the 21st. He was delighted and showed it to just about everybody there himself. The response was far greater then I anticipatd.

Once again, here's the sketch that I had started with.

Kevin Ryan

So here we go - Part 2 - Jody is a Biscuit

So I figured that as part of these introductory posts, I should put up an illustration which was an on again off again, cancelled then re-started project of my summer.
The idea behind me doing this picture in the first place was that, at the time I was getting more so into illustrator. I figured, if I did artwork of all the local bands, it'd be a nice showcase of what I can do. The definition of a portfolio pretty much right? So I started with Jody Has A Hitlist, a crazy cool bunch of lads, some of which I go way back with. I'm quite proud of the result.

As I was saying, most of the work was done with Illustrator. However the crowd and the stuff they're throwing were drawn by hand, scanned and coloured in Photoshop. The big band name was illustrated at first, then brought into Max as a spline, extruded, textured, rendered and prettyed up in Photoshop. The big leads were done in 3D also, by abusing architectural Mental Ray materials and that lovely image mc-nice-maker, HDR ENVIRONMENT MAPS!

So to keep a trend going, below are all the sketches that contributed to the final look in this picture. There's one or two unscanned scraps not on here but me thinks they've been recycled by now. But ah well, these are the important pictures shopped together.

The extra two heads at the bottom group of heads in this sketch are my attempts at drawing the Keyboard player. The Remarkable thing is that despite of my failure at drawing him, they still look like two of my other friends, the middle of which "Reality Bites" for, which is an inside jo-AGE between our circle of friends. Then there's the chap to the far right, who's picture I screwed up 12 pages ago in my sketchbook when I drew caricatures of my Bebo top friends.

That is all, man I was thinking I was gonna keep this post brief......whoops.



So here we go. PT 1 - Soap, Ties and Xanax

This is the first in a series of introductory posts for my blog. As opposed to posting many pictures in one long post, I'm splitting up every piece of finished artwork along with related images into 4 seperate posts.

So without further ado....Let's go! Soap
In case you couldn't guess, it's supposed to be a picture of the 3 main characters of Fight Club. Tyler Durden, The Narrator and Marla Singer played by Brad Pitt, Edward Norton and Helena Bonham Carter respectively.

It was sketched (see below), scanned, traced over in illustrator and put together in Photoshop. The awesome smoke effects come from a very talented stock photography artist who calls herself falln-stock, who has a huge collection of free resources for artists on her Deviant Art. She does have a few fairly reasonable guidelines to using her assets though so be sure to read them.

Click here to see the final image in super high resolution at 3360 x 2100! Just click the download link. Sure you could add me to your deviantwatch+ while you're at it.

Here is the sketch for comparison purposes.
When I sketched the original, it was done from memory. When I was at the Illustrator stage however, I had my Fight Club DVD playing for reference. As you can see, rhe Narrator had to be changed up the most, with some edits and additions made to Marla. However, Tyler was grand the way he was.

Kevin Ryan
~I am Jack's first blog post.