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Thursday, October 1, 2009

So here we go. PT 1 - Soap, Ties and Xanax

This is the first in a series of introductory posts for my blog. As opposed to posting many pictures in one long post, I'm splitting up every piece of finished artwork along with related images into 4 seperate posts.

So without further ado....Let's go! Soap
In case you couldn't guess, it's supposed to be a picture of the 3 main characters of Fight Club. Tyler Durden, The Narrator and Marla Singer played by Brad Pitt, Edward Norton and Helena Bonham Carter respectively.

It was sketched (see below), scanned, traced over in illustrator and put together in Photoshop. The awesome smoke effects come from a very talented stock photography artist who calls herself falln-stock, who has a huge collection of free resources for artists on her Deviant Art. She does have a few fairly reasonable guidelines to using her assets though so be sure to read them.

Click here to see the final image in super high resolution at 3360 x 2100! Just click the download link. Sure you could add me to your deviantwatch+ while you're at it.

Here is the sketch for comparison purposes.
When I sketched the original, it was done from memory. When I was at the Illustrator stage however, I had my Fight Club DVD playing for reference. As you can see, rhe Narrator had to be changed up the most, with some edits and additions made to Marla. However, Tyler was grand the way he was.

Kevin Ryan
~I am Jack's first blog post.

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