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Wednesday, October 14, 2009


I probably should have posted this as part of my 4 part "getting started" thing from last week. Seeing as I feel that this is a taste of the work that will be showing up in this blog in future.

So, I started this film sometime around May and worked on it on and off for about 3 months over the summer as opposed to getting a proper job. My reasoning for it was that I managed to get into an animation degree course, but had no idea why. So I figured I'd just wing it, get a heap of tutorials and make an animation or 2 before I start this course.
I did a tutorial on "How to model and animate a Pinbox" on 3d, which lead to what must have been a big train of thought, culminating with the idea for a film that "shouldn't be too long or take too long". Sadly both of these guidelines were neglected, which was a clear lesson as to why just winging it can be a bad idea.

Below you will find some storyboards which were put together when winging it wasn't working. As you can see, I have names for all the scenes, and I messed up the numbers on these about half way through. Oh dear.


Talk to ya.
Kevin Ryan


  1. Well done me auld name sake, i dig this!

  2. Well done Kev, very funny. Love your voice acting ^^