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Friday, October 2, 2009

So here we go - Part 4 - Clint the Idiot

Nicely tying in with the previous post. Saturday the 19th. a week after Dano's 21st, was the party for my older brother's birthday. When I showed him my Fight Club Picture he said he really liked the style of it. So I decided to go with a similar style in a picture for his birthday. Using Photoshop instead of Illustrator however to achieve the result.

When I finished the picture for him, there were many little things I knew I could do to improve it. I just didn't have the time to do before his party.
It didn't matter as they still loved it, however I still had to make those tweaks before I put it online. Below you will see the proper final version.

Now to re-print this and replace the old version he has up on his wall!

The picture was drawn by hand, scanned and painted over in Photoshop, From big eejit acting the....eejit and going clockwise, the picture contains, Clint, Stevie, Maddie, Douglas(The Bearded Dragon) and Lucy.

Below you will find the the patio which was distorted and warped to the right shape in the picture, a small slip of brick that's distorted to fit in beside the door, and the original sketch. The original picture of the patio was 2480 x 9000, my poor pc had an awful time coping with it.

Kevin Ryan

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  1. Nice kev I like this good job thanks for all the support with the blogs!