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Friday, November 30, 2012

I choose you!!! Smelly Farting Pokemon!

So I had a bit of downtime between two game related animation projects (of which I hope to have videos here soon) and found myself getting back into Zbrush. I decided to sculpt something simple and iconic while giving it a slight bit of my own potentially NSFW twist, though not going too mad until my competence with Zbrush improves.

I'm afraid I got massively into Pokémon when I was younger, and the obsession appears to have lay dormant within me. That or maybe I just love how this guy used to say his name in the show. KOFFING!!!

Fullscreen & HD!!

The nice thing about working on this was learning about the movie options within Zbrush. There are a heap of additional features in this program that I'm dying to try out. One feature in particular being DYNAMESH which allows you to combine meshes for more complex objects to begin sculpting on. So I was really able to put it to the test with my next sculpt...Koffing's one and only evolution...WEEZING

Fullscreen & HD, AGAIN!!

These were a lot of fun to make so I can forsee many many more. Probably getting more bizzare as time goes on.


Kev Ryan

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