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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Safer Silliness

So during the summer I was over in Dundee taking part in Dare to be Digital. In their "white space" computer area in the Abertay Dundee University, they have this really nice graph on the wall depicting a timeline of the video game industry. Some artistic clever folk, using posted notes, stuck an entire Mario level on the wall under this time line which gave me the idea to add something of my own. So I drew an A3 picture of Safer Sephiroth, the last boss from Final Fantasy VII and stuck it up a few days before I left.
Cut to January, over 5 months later. One of the guys from Dare who is still in the college tags me in 2 photos on Facebook that he took with his mobile showing that the picture has yet to be taken down. Needless to say, it made my day seeing these two pictures so here they are.

Click for un-cropped and slightly larger

Now, back to the film. I reckon I could get a few posts out of the amount of props I've modeled for this thing.

Kev Ryan

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