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Monday, January 3, 2011


Ah, it is finally the new year. I've given up making very definitive clear resolutions as it's my belief that good things tend to happen when you're working away. So with that in mind, going to simply wish that I get more done this year as 21 posts meant for a fairly successful 2010. Also, another wish would be to Stumble Upon some of my own work, although that would mean using that toolbar again. Which wouldn't be the best of ideas in my final year of college.

Either way, 2 quick drawings to put up. Just some practice caricatures

Dara O'Briain - Hugh Dennis & Frankie Boyle

UPDATE: 9th January Didn't feel a need to make another blog post for this but I've drawn 3 more caricatures.

More comedians in the form of Andy Parsons, Russell Howard and Ross Noble.

Cheers and Happy New Year.
Kev Ryan


  1. Ha, you've got them down to a tee! Caricatures are something I really wish I could do. Can't wait to see Russell Howard and the bald guy (wtf's his name again??) :D

    x L

  2. Ah cheers, thanks for the kind words. Russell and Andy Parsons, that's his name, are up there now, along with good old Ross. Caricatures are well worth getting into. They're great fun to do and fairly quick at the same time. Plus you can now work off drunk photos of yourself or your friends for brilliant reference :D