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Friday, April 16, 2010

DARE 2010

So I get an msn message from my good friend Kev the other day. He asks me would I like to join a team of 3 programmers and himself and give Dare to be Digital a go. Heck yes why not, day before the presentation. "Hey Kev, could ya do us a logo and caricatures of the crew" No worries like. 2 and bit hours of work, and...
Behold, the 5 sexy rascals behind NeverMind Games!
So added into the presentation, my small bit of effort seemed to make a big difference. Which is fairly sweet but I'm not too happy with the expression on the bloke on the top right. Although the boys themselves seemed delighted with the pictures. 
The presentation itself seemed to go quite well. Although I tell ya, those Dare judges, they have the uncanny ability to ask questions that none of us could have anticipated. Thankfully the chap we got on the marketing side of things was great at coming up with answers for that sort of thing. 
So with any luck now I'll be off to Scotland now in June, I'll know in two weeks, and I'll be listening to this song to celebrate the hypothetical good news.

Yes the logo will have to be improved, it's looking a bit 80's at the moment. Minus the steel gradient. 

Take it easy.

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