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Friday, April 2, 2010

Aw would ya look at 'im!

DOGS! In the last 24 hours I've enjoyed the company of Sally the small terrior, Austin the fat Lab and my brothers 2 Staff-Pit-Bulls or Pit-Bull-Staffs known as Maddie and Stevie. Alongside this doggy madness I'm working on a film called Two Dogs...and naturally while working on an animation involving a crazy cool robotic-DogBot, some of the frames stand out as being "wallpaper material". So with that in mind, and disregarding the NDA I set upon myself at the start of the year.

I'll be able to zazz this up something fierce once the incredibly talented Claire Meehan sends some awesome textures my way. All I know is it's crunch time now, and we're animating like crazy!

Now to enjoy a meat-free good friday dinner...and a beer.
Happy Easter everybody!

Kev Ryan

EDIT-Updated the textures on the model, this is how he should look in the final render now. Pimped out with Neon so he is!

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